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You'll get these four powerful tools for more Freedom and Peace in your Relationships. We teach these same  tools at the beginning of our course Relationships for Conscious Living, and I also use them regularly with my private clients: 

  1. An eye-opening list of the Five Freedoms that belong to everyone, including you, from the highly influential American family psychotherapist Virginia Satir
  2. A step-by-step process called the Change Model for resolving conflict and asking for what you need and want even when it's hard
  3. Three Rules for Communication with 13 Anti-Communicators to Avoid to help you when clear, fair communication gets tough
  4. As a special bonus, you'll also get Jackie's guided meditation-hypnosis recording to help you learn and integrate the Five Freedoms and Change Model more easily into your life. 

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Learn little known secrets about communication, negativity, forgiveness, anxiety, embodiment, subconscious relationship behavior and spiritual partnership for personal growth. 

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Lose Weight from Within

Tired of losing weight just to gain it back again and then some? The key to longterm weight loss — that is, losing weight and then happily maintaining it — is self-love. So how do you learn to love yourself? If you've tried everything else, you're tired of trying willpower alone, or you just want a way that finally works, this course is for you. 


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