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About Joy Gypsies

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Download Your Files

Please download, read and keep on file Our Terms of Service and Jackie's Biography and Training. You might need a Healthcare Referral; if you do, that's here too. 

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Our Terms of Service

Please download or view our Terms of Service.  

You must agree to our Terms of Service before your first session, whether it's a paid session or a Free Initial ConsultationThere is no obligation to continue with paid sessions.  

You'll electronically sign the agreement in Step 3 - Intake. 

View the web version of our Terms of Service here or click the button to download a printer-friendly PDF. 

Download Terms of Service (PDF)
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Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt, Human Catalyst

I help you achieve your goals for more success, health and happiness.

Together you and I will work with your subconscious mind to achieve the positive results your conscious mind desires: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Perhaps the World's First Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist, that is, an Applied Anthropologist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner with 10+ specialty certifications to help you achieve your goals. 

Download Jackie's Biography and Training (PDF)
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Healthcare Referral Request

When you complete the Intake in Step 3 below, you may find out that your goal may require a Healthcare Referral from a Licensed Provider.  If you do, please click the button below. 

Questions? Please Contact Us. 

Download Healthcare Referral Request If Needed (PDF)

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Complete Your Intake Below 

To receive your Free Initial Consultation and/or to become a New Client, you must complete the Intake Assessment below.  Your information remains confidential.  We will share your information only when:

  1. You sign a Release of Information to request that we share your information with someone else, such as a physician, therapist, or school. 
  2. You intend to harm yourself or others, or a child is in danger. Many US states consider us mandatory reporters. 
  3. A legal authority compels us. Hypnotherapists have no legal protection under therapist-client privilege. 

If you have any questions or need help, please Contact Us

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Paid Hypnotherapy/EFT Session 

In a Paid Session, you get to work directly on your goal.

  • Please pay at least 48 hours in advance to reserve your time.
  • For the amount due, please refer to our Terms of Service
  • Unpaid sessions will be cancelled. 

Payment Methods: 

Click to book below and then finish up by watching the video in Step 5!

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Before Your First Session, 

Watch the Free Video

Theory of Mind:

How the Mind Works and

Why It's So Hard to Change 

When you watch this video before your first session, you'll give us an extra 20 minutes in your session to work on other things specific to you. 

Watch the Video

You Get the "Green Light" Now Because You're All Set to Go!

Thank you!

I'm looking forward to working with you! 

--Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt

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