The Make-SHIFT Sessions for only $37/month (valued at $188/month) after a 7-day trial

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The Make-SHIFT Sessions

Not temporary.
Not a substitute.
Real change.  Real fast. 
Shifts that last.

Imagine having a breakthrough to start your week. 

And then another one the next week.  And the next week, and the next...

Right now you can get The Make-SHIFT Sessions for only $37/month (valued at $188/month). Start your 7-day free trial today. 

The Make-SHIFT Sessions may be right for you if you want to:

  • Overcome what is stopping you from realizing your dreams  
  • Meet your challenges with more confidence and less fear 
  • Reduce your stress and your resistance to doing what you know will benefit you 
  • Improve your relationships with others—and yourself!

Imagine every week getting help in a like-minded, supportive group to make consistent little shifts over time that added up to real change, real transformation.  

That's exactly why we're offering The Make-SHIFT Sessions.  

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on your goals with help from famous experts like:

  • Margaret Mead, Anthropologist 
  • Marissa Peer, Hypnotherapist 
  • Brad Yates, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) practitioner (who trained, by the way, at the same school as Jackie) 
  • Virginia Satir, beloved American psychotherapist, and
  • Your own inner Yoda. 

In this program, you'll benefit from a powerful combination of those kinds of insights and skills, just from the much less famous Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt and Xochitl T. Suriano Ambrow, a.k.a. the Joy Gypsies!  (Fortunately, fame isn't really necessary for getting results.)

Imagine creating changes that last because you're using not just your conscious mind and will power alone. 

In The Make-SHIFT Sessions, you'll get the help you need to reprogram:

  • Your subconscious mind,
  • Your emotions and
  • Your body's reactions
  • That keep you stuck.*

We set the intention that no matter who brings up a goal or issue, not only will that person have a breakthrough, everyone else will benefit too. 

What you'll get:

  • On most Sundays for up to 120 minutes on Zoom, we'll work with session participants to create breakthroughs in different areas of life, work and relationships. Sessions currently start at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT (US/Canada).
  • Access to replays of previous Make-SHIFT Sessions. 
  • After your 7-day free trial, you'll pay only $37 per month for this limited time offer. 
  • SAVE WHEN YOU BUNDLE.  Add your membership to Joy Gypsies Thrive Club for only $10 more—for a total of $47/month for both.  The offer to upgrade will appear after you complete your purchase of JGTC membership.

How Much Is Your Ability to Thrive Worth to You? 

You might ask why we charge so little if this membership so good.  "You get what you pay for, right?"

The short answer is:  Because we can.

The longer answer is that we believe in you and your personal transformation.  You are key to transforming the world so everyone can thrive.  And we have a "give first" mindset, a giving attitude that results in true prosperity for us and boatloads of benefits for you. 

Get The Make-SHIFT Sessions now for only $37/month (a $188/month value) and start your 7-day free trial today. 


In The Make-SHIFT Sessions, we work within the scope of Hypnotherapy practice, meaning vocational and avocational goals and self-improvement. 

Goals that are related to medical or mental health issues require written referral from a licensed healthcare provider.  Jackie may offer separate group sessions for those issues; please ask.

No part of either program is intended to provide medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, treatment or therapy.

We strongly urge you to seek a qualified, licensed professional regarding any medical, mental health, legal or pastoral concern. 

You must be of legal age to participate in The Make-SHIFT Sessions.  If you are not of legal age to participate in these sessions, your parent or guardian can request separate, age-appropriate group or individual sessions for you.

Our group sessions are for educational, entertainment and self-improvement purposes only. 

You are responsible for your choices and results at all times. Since results depend on your personal choices and efforts, we do not guarantee any particular outcome. 

Seven (7) Day Free Trial means No Refunds. You have seven (7) days to try out your first Make-SHIFT Session, and then your payment method will be charged. If you no longer wish to subscribe to The Make-SHIFT Sessions, simply cancel prior to your next payment date without further obligation.  Since we offer you a 7-day free trial, we will not issue refunds.  

About Us

Jackie Ambrow, MA, CHt, is a masters-level practitioner of Applied Anthropology, a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner.  Her daughter, business partner, and best friend, Xochitl T. Suriano Ambrow grew up immersed in these methods.  Learn more about us Joy Gypsies and download Jackie's Biography and Training here