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We're Joy Gypsies* at Transformation Roadtrip LLC.  Our "jam" is creating personal and social transformation.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many cracks in our systems. There is no going back to the old "normal," and why would we want to when so many people were left behind before?  

It's up to us all to find a way forward, not just to survive but so everyone can thrive.

That's where we come in. 

Our job is to help you transform your world. 

When you transform your world, everything transforms. 

Our goal is no less than the conscious evolution of our species from Homo sapiens (wise human) to Homo amor (love human) in our lifetime.

Here's what we know: 

  • Your personal transformation leads to the social transformation that is yours to create, and no one can do it better than you
  • No matter where you are, how much time you have, or what resources are available to you, your unique gifts make all the difference--right where you are. 
  • The more you grow in awareness and skill, the greater impact you will have, right where you are, here and now, and that's your point of power. 
  • Through the "ripple effect", what you do and who you become make all the difference. 

Now's the time for us to build a world where everyone can thrive. 

We're a Mother-Daughter Duo Out to Transform the World. Together We Can.

I'm Jackie:  Joy Gypsy Mom.  Human Catalyst.  Transformational Anthropologist — Likely the World's First Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist. 


Helping you expand what's possible for you and your world is my very favorite thing to do. 

I'm an Applied Hypnotherapeutic Anthropologist.  (You may call me a Transformational Anthropologist for short.)  Let's break that down a bit:   

  • Anthropologist:  Anthropologists study everything about humans and what makes us human.  In the United States, the field of anthropology includes four subfields: language, culture, the physical/biological body, and archaeology (what past cultures leave behind).  Personally I  trained most in the first three subfields and mix all that together with everything I learned in medical school and in my psychology degree.  
  • Hypnotherapeutic:  As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner, I use Hypnotherapy and EFT as tools to help people achieve their goals and create more success, health and happiness. Understanding how the mind and subconscious behavior work are powerful tools for helping people and organizations replace what no longer serves them with what they consciously desire.  
  • Applied:  When people tell me what they want and can't quite seem to make happen, I ask good questions, like, What's missing, the presence of which would make all the difference?  Then I use a holistic, mulitidisciplinary approach to create practical solutions to real world problems.  I am a Masters-level practitioner of Applied Anthropology. 
  • Transformational:  I label myself a Transformational Anthropologist because I use what I know to help human beings change themselves and their world for the better. 

When you're stuck, I help you look at your life and your world to see what's working and what's not

  • On a personal level, that might be your relationships, your work, your health, or your feelings of purpose and happiness, or
  • It may be on a societal level of your extended family, your company, your community, your government, or society at large, like the mainstream culture. 
  • And often it's multiple levels at once. 
  • We can borrow from anthropology and call what's working (and even what's not working so well) an "adaptation".  There are a lot of ways to adapt to the world.  (Some adaptations work better than others, and it's helpful to remember that.)  

Here's the problem:  All your life you've probably been told by someone to "be realistic" about how to adapt and just accept life as "how it is".  A lot of people resign themselves to adaptations they either inherited or somebody somewhere told them they were "realistic" or the best they could expect. However, the human truth of it is that most of "how it is" became "how it is" because at some point in time, somebody, somewhere, somehow, simply made it up.  

Yes, there are physical, real world constraints on us:  there's gravity, of course, and most of us have to do things like breathe, sleep, and eat.  

But almost everything we do today began in somebody's imagination! 

What we believe are the "right" ways of doing things now—the habits, the routines, the systems, the institutions—somebody else thought up, and that became "how it is"! 

Some good questions to ask yourself are:

  • Should the old perceptions and imaginations of people who came before you determine "how things should be" for you now?
  • Should your own old perceptions and past imagination keep you doing the same things now? 
  • How is "how it is" working for you now? 

When "how it is" no longer serves you or your world, it's time to change "how it is"

About a dozen years ago, I went back to school and became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Advanced EFT Practitioner.  By adding Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) to my toolbox, I've been making it easier for my clients to change "how it is" for them. 

And I have to tell you, with these tools, it's so much easier than working with the conscious mind alone.  

Since most behavior comes from the "autopilot" of the subconscious mind, leveraging that "autopilot" creates deep, long-lasting change much faster than working with the conscious mind alone.  

When you understand why it's so hard to change, even when you really want to, and then you make it easier to change, that's the stuff of transformation, right there. (Watch my video here and I'll explain.)

My clients will tell you that these tools work. They will tell you how they achieved their goals for success, health and happiness.  They will tell you that understanding subconscious behavior in relationships is golden for improving them.  They will tell you they can't quite put their finger on why, but it worked for them.  And it can work for you too. 

Applied Anthropology + Hypnotherapy and Advanced EFT are Powerful Tools for Transformation.

My approach is holistic, multidisciplinary and synergistic. I'm all about what works and asking great questions that get us somewhere better. 

Here's the most important thing I've found in working with people to help them achieve their goals:

When You Access Your Unique Gifts and
Act on Your Good Inner Promptings,
Your Life and Your World
Change for the Better.

The power of the "ripple effect" of changing "how it is" for you, multiplied by every person you're connected with, and then everyone they're connected with, you create a dramatically better world for everyone.  

For those who want a white paper on my stats, you can download "Jackie Ambrow's Biography and Training" (pdf) here


This is Xochitl, Joy Gypsy Daughter.
(Since she doesn't like to brag, I'll do it for her.) 

Xochitl is a talented singer-musician and unconventional expert on living life from the heart.

She grew up with just me, her mom, and the poor thing couldn't avoid being steeped in music, spirituality and science.
Irish music sessions had begun while she was still in the womb, so there was no escaping musical assimilation. Her singing voice hushed parent audiences in her first years of school. Violin lessons started at age 5, and guitar has become a thing for her in recent years. 
Service has always been a family value, so at age six, she and I became Volunteer Park Aides at the local Missouri State Park. She was the youngest-ever trained Volunteer Park Aide. Other service opportunities also came, and of course she took on nearly all. 
Her education has been practical and unconventional: 
  • Home-schooled from the fourth grade.
  • At age 13 Xochitl began auditing university courses, at the invitation of two different department chairs at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • At 13 she also worked the first of two national political campaigns as part of her practical education. 
  • Her auditing of university political science and anthropology courses, plus psychology and art history, has served her well, especially for the transformational work we do now. 
She grew up surrounded by an international community of interpreters and translators from the language services company I ran for nearly two decades. She's currently improving her fluency in Spanish, using an app and her in-house Spanish teacher (yes, that would be me). 
People have always been among her favorite interests and she especially loves the shiny, big-hearted ones most. (No surprise there.) She has always drawn the support of many "adopted aunts and uncles" who helped her develop knowledge and skill in their fields and helped her keep her innate sense of curiosity and love of learning. 
At age 18, Xochitl earned her Girl Scout Gold Award, an honor achieved by only 5% of young women in Girl Scouts USA. 
When not on the road RVing with me, her mom and business partner, Xochitl uses principles of joy to de-clutter and organize clients' homes as large as 6000 square feet. (Now *that's* a lot of stuff.) 

As Xochitl entered her teen years, the two of us, mother and daughter, began training together in personal growth and development, first in business ventures (yes, again she was always the youngest) and then additional courses.

And before we knew it, the family business of transformation was well founded. (Good pun, right?) 

All that self development work has paid off, because now we've digested it, honed it through lots of practice and put it all together for you—tied up with a bow, so to speak. 

Join us!   #WeMakeTransformationFun 

Together, we're Joy Gypsies on a Transformation Roadtrip. 

Thrive. Love Life. Transform the World. Together We Can. 

Transformation Roadtrip LLC • Voice & Text 352.508.7444 


* Read Why We Call Ourselves "Joy Gypsies" here.  



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